wasabi press biz cards

...I made 'em this weekend! It's been awhile since I've had plates made from digital files, so I thought I'd take an inexpensive foray into the realm of polymer plates again and made these business cards for meself. One side has the two color poppy print (linoleum blocks); the other side sports my vital information. Letterpress printed with polymer plates and linoleum blocks (for the flowers and other decorative elements) onto recycled cardboard.


joselito said...

hey! bill showed me stuff you did that he has hangin' on his office wall. i noticed it and he told me...i recognized it and he confirmed that it was yours! the following week, i think i saw you driving in the parking lot with him and recognized you from a picture. small world! xlnt!

pls thank him for hooking me up. he's swell to me for real.

Cheryl said...